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We help lawyers get professionally recorded witness videos that help them win cases


High Quality Video

Get professionally recorded video of your witnesses for your case

Make a Great First Impression

Nothing makes a better first impression on a judge or jury more than a video

Win Your Case

While reporting captures what is said, video captures how it's said so that you can make your point clearly and win

Stop All Witness Related Problems

If you're not using video to record your witnesses for your cases, then you could suffer from any or all of these problems:

Less direct answers. With a video camera present,

lawyers and witnesses feel like they are speaking directly to the judge and jury. Lawyers tend to present less filler questions. Witnesses tend to answer questions more directly and avoid saying that they don’t know or don’t


A typical transcript of your deposition could have little to no impact on the judge or jury. Video depositions are more impactful than having a litigator read witness testimony. When a litigator reads a deposition transcript, jurors can become bored.

You're not able to paint a picture of what really happened. Video can show injuries and damage, Capture witnesses’ activities, and more effectively point out inconsistencies in witness testimony.

Increase Your Odds of Winning

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What Others Are Saying

"I would recommend Witness Legal Video to anyone who needs videography services. They are always professional, efficient, timely with all their work, and friendly and helpful whether it be a regularly scheduled deposition or a last-minute emergency. Witness Legal Video will be my first choice for videography services."

Bill Strickland, Strickland Law Firm

What Others Are Saying

“I have been practicing law since 1976. I estimate that I have taken or defended over 1,000 depositions during my legal career. I have used the same court reporting service for approximately 40 years and, until recently, the same video service for about 20 years.

When the owner of the video service died, I started using Witness Legal Video and have found its services to be excellent. Its principal, Jacob Mayeda, is smart, efficient, and knowledgeable about the technology, including Zoom video technology.

I am very pleased with the service they provide and recommend them without reservation.”

Michael Leight, Law Office of Michael Leight
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